Buying House to Study Abroad in New Zealand - Another Saving Way


Study in New Zealand, not only you can enjoy Western education, but you also can buy a house here with low value to minimize the cost of living.

Invercargill is the largest city of Southland, New Zealand, where located the main campus of the SIT and the primary and secondary schools such as Waihopai, Jameshargest, Boy and Girl Southland. When children under 18 study abroad, parents can follow to take guardian. In cases where one parent attending school, children under 18 are free enrolled in primary or secondary schools of New Zealand. This is the reason why many people buy houses and rent in Invercagill. This significantly reduces the cost of studying abroad for international students.

Currently, the property prices in Invercargill are relatively suitable to many Vietnamese families. A house measuring 400 square meters with 2 to 4 bedrooms is only priced from 95,000 NZD to 200,000 NZD (about $ 1.6 billion VND). Thus, the city attracts many Vietnamese families which have 2 or 3 children to study here in many ways. In addition, the cost of living here is lower than the other places in New Zealand. A family with two children spends about 1,400 NZD a month (from 22 million to 25 million VND), at a level which ensures a fraction of the cost when studying abroad.

Some Vietnamese students bought houses for accommodation and renting while they came to Invercargill, New Zealand. Currently, the price of each house has risen to 40,000 NZD. That is, after a year, the family has had one more house in return. If your finance is not too strict, you can also buy the high value houses that cost from 150,000 NZD to 200,000 NZD to get more in returns.

Today, there are over 70 Vietnamese families living in New Zealand under the program PGDipBe, PGD IT. They bought 2-3 houses and let their children attending elementary school, middle school as Waihopai, Jameshagest, Boy & Girl Southland schools, St Peter and Fiordland in New Zealand. In case of ater buying houses, the students wishing to go other cities to live like Auckland, Wellington when they finished the course in SIT; they can let the real estate company to manage and lease and then transfer money into their accounts.

Demands for renting and purchasing houses in this city are very vibrant because each year the number of students coming to this city is very crowded. Each year, over 400 students from China, Indian, Indonesian, Vietnam ...  attend to study here. Therefore, buying house to study in New Zealand, especially in Invercargill, is a smart way to saving your costs of studying and living in here.



Why Vietnamese students choose to study in Newzealand?

New Zealand has a high quality education system with international standards. In here, students will have the opportunity to integrate into the education progress toward the perfection, to use modern equipment as well as to learn advanced teaching....