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Chavagnes International College is a Catholic school for boys in chavagnes-en-paillers, France. Founded in 1802 by Louis-Marie Baudouin school was re-shaping an "international university" by Ferdi McDermott in 2002. The language of instruction in English schools, and it prepares students for GCSE English and A-level, with French Brevet and baccalaureate is optional.

School claims to be a traditional English school in France. Although students from the UK and other English speaking countries the UK, has more and more students from France. In this international environment, modern languages ​​is particularly strong, with many boys GCSE language (French, German, Spanish, English) the first one or two years. Older boys often speaks four languages ​​fluently.

The Masters
The teaching staff at the College mainly includes graduate students who live in the College and committed support of prayer in the life of the organization in addition to their teaching. There are also a lot of non-staff teaching population, local volunteers and a Visiting Fellow of. The school has a long-term relationship with the University of Buckingham and use the academic program of the university for teacher training and continuous professional development Continuing for its employees. School is also a member of the bodies now the oldest professional in education, teachers' college in London.
The postgraduate research fellows of the College, the organization of conferences, projects of different adult education in the liberal arts and other similar activities outside the scope of primary schools Chavagnes 11-18 is part of Studium, a community college in the school young. Since 2016 the Studium Chavagnes is launching an after A-level program of study of the liberal arts.
From September 2007, a bilingual policy has been phased in at the low end of the College. All boys in grades 7 to be led in the direction of basic fluency in English / French and lessons in other subjects are delivered in a set language, with most English textbooks . Chavagnes is a Cambridge school Years 7-9 and follow the school curriculum of Cambridge Cambridge International Junior origin.

Boys in the year 10, of any nationality, have the option to sit the French Brevet exam, as well as the usual raft of Cambridge IGCSE examinations at the age of 15 and 16. All year tuition for GCSE (10 and 11) and A -Level class is unique in English. From 2012 Chavagnes is introducing the new Pre-U examination was launched by Cambridge and adopted by leading private schools in the UK. From September 2013 the boys selected will be entered for the French Bacclaureat in North and North ES L series as well as sit for A-level appropriate, thus giving them a lower secondary level in the system France and Britain.
extracurricular activities include scouts, astronomy, drama, modern languages ​​more, a dining club for the older boys, and literary clubs. Boxing and recite poetry required (by heart) in different languages ​​featured regularly. The University also plays host to a variety of traditional with an especially Catholic and / or flavor English: religious processions, the election of a bishop on St Nicholas Day boy, a 110 km pilgrimage row in the leg from Paris to Chartres, rising at dawn on may day to welcome the summer, and canoeing in the coxed fours.


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