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Britain has always known as the leading nation about economic as well as the quality of education. In addition, the British study is no longer dreaming for many students because today's students have more options than before. More and more universities expand their international-quality training programs with the cost of studying extremely reasonable. Here are the three cheapest schools for master's degree in the UK.

1. London School of Commerce

London School of Commerce (LSC) is in close cooperation with Cardiff Metropolitan University of Wales, specializing training and providing valuable English qualifications. Thus, international students can attend the LSC's graduation ceremony to get the undergraduate / graduate certificate and another graduation ceremony of the Cardiff Metropolitan University in order to receive an official diploma from the University, which is recognized worldwide.

The school was founded with the basic goal is to provide an international education system with British qualifications about in some majors such as Economics, Tourism, Hotels or IT (by the LSC) and others such as Economics, Management, and Accounting (by the SBL) with the attractive costs. The training programs are short courses, only 2 years for bachelor's degrees and 1 year for master's degrees. Here and now, the LSC is the European largest unit of training Master of Business Administration (MBA).

LSC has been fully recognized by the British Accreditation Council for independent futher and higher education (BAC), and is located in the Education UK. The school is a member of the British Council. Currently, the LSC is the largest private school in London, and is the only private school licensed doctor.

LSC is ranked as the Highly Trusted Sponsor by the Home Office and the UKBA (UK Border Angency). This is the highest rank for the field of reliability for local students and international students.

The tuition fee for the MBA course (12 months) is only £ 4,950, equivalent to 150 million VND. In particular, the school also has 16-month MBA training course for students not have work experience yet. LSC has many periods for enrollment in a year in February, April, June, August, October and November . This is very convenient for students to choose the most appropriate entry time.

2. Anglia Ruskin University 

Founded in 1858, Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) currently has three main campuses in Cambridge, Chelmsford (Essex) and Peterborough. With more than 30,000 students enrolled at the College, Anglia Ruskin University is one of the largest universities in the East of England. About 95% of the school's students will continue to study the higher courses or have jobs within 6 months after graduation. The fees of the ARU for MBA is £ 12.900. However, now the school is providing scholarships up to 50% for international students, so it is only £ 6.950 for MBA course.

3. University of Chester

Located in the North West of England, Chester is a small historic city, attracting more international students to live and study. Founded in 1839, the school has four campuses, which has three campuses in Chester (Chester, Kingsway, Riverside) and one located in Warrington. All of them are offered a student-friendly environment, good management and fairly close to two major cities (Liverpool and Manchester).

Learning at the University of Chester, more than 80% of graduated students are accepted into the suitable positions and also in management level positions (based on the statistical report of the results of university graduates at the University of Chester in 2010). The year 2015-2016, the University of Chester offers the scholarships up to 60% of MBA courses to Vietnamese students, which means that the tuition is only £ 7.450.



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