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Ecole nationale des Ponts et Chaussées (ENPC) is a famous school in engineering training which is very famous and has difficult requirement.  Therefore, submitted applications must be really impressive. Students can apply; the school admissions board will decide and respond in about annual June, July

The registration times as follows:

- Around February, March: Students take the registration documents on website:

- Complete and submit the records according to the regulation calendar. Typically, the profile will include resumes, cover letter, recommendations letter from teachers, graduate dissertation overvie w...

Other School's manner of making a profile is similar to ENPC. Students can refer the information about schools at Espace or on the website: or on the other websites:

 University Lyon :

University of Grenoble :

University of Nantes:

School will depend on TCF score to decide the admission higher education  documents  , but generally students must achieve a minimum of 350 points. Students need to have in TCF when applying. Therefore, students need to have  TCF around March and July


University of Auvergne in France

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