Great Place of Studying in Australia.

The Opportunity!

Australia is a country with so much potential, there is a harmonious combination of many favorable factors: the 6th largest area in the world, but a population of only 24 million people; a stable government and an growing economy.

In 2013, according to statistics from the World Bank, the average income in Australia is higher 6th rank, more than 67,000 US dollars. With the globalization of economy increasingly, work opportunities become more abundant and more attractive, especially for international students who have a degree in Australia. In addition to employment opportunities after graduation, students in Australia can do more to cover the cost of living. Life in Australia becomes quite easier by the part-time jobs which give you the lower income A$16 an hour.

With the above advantages, it is easy to understand why Australia ranks 3rd in the world of the amount of international students. Talent is always important and never wasted here.

So be smart, hardworking and ambitious, Australia is the destination for you!

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The beautiful country
With 19 world heritage site by UNESCO, Australia is beautiful than your imagination!

From landscape "The Tweleve Apostles" on the Great Ocean Road to "Uluru" in central sacred mountain or the "Barrier Reef Greaton" on the north coast of Queensland, Australia will constantly make you enjoy breathtaking beauty because of its spectacular natural.

In addition, you also find a modern and beautiful city in every state . Each city offers you a complete link between work and entertainment, especially the indispensable leading universities. Convinient public transport system and high living standards attract many international students to study and live in Australia.

Multicultural Communities

Since its discovery in the 18th century, Australia has always been a destination for immigrants. Until today, up to 25% of the population are immigrants in Australia.

Located in the southeast of the hemisphere; the geographical location has created favorable conditions for the traditional cultures of Asia to introduce here and create a friendly community to foreign students. Viet Nam is also one of the background culture that contributes to the diversity of Australian culture, with the amount of immigrants ranks 6th among the immigrant community. So whenever you homesick, do not forget to always have a bowl ready for you just around the corner!

Australia will quickly become your second home easily!

English in Australia

The Australian-English is very popular in the world, with abundant dialect and a slight difference in pronunciation. Although there is a lot in common with British-English, you still find very interesting to learn and discover more about how to speak English with Australian "style"!!