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University of Applied Sciences Utrecht HU (Dutch: Hogeschool Utrecht, HU) is a vocational training college in the city of Utrecht and one of the largest educational institutions in the Netherlands. It has its main campus, the Uithof, the largest university of the Netherlands, the University of Utrecht. It also has buildings in Amersfoort, 25 km from Utrecht.

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Funded by the state, more than 38,000 students representing more than a hundred different countries are studying at the school. It offers 70 different courses degree (Bachelor and Master level) in a wide range of objects: Media and Journalism, Economics and Management, Science and Technology, Health, Education and Social Occupation. HU also participated in the Utrecht Summer School, which has 130 short courses in July and August.


HU emerged in 1995 from the merger of a number of colleges. 

The Uithof by government measures then merged nearly 80 organizations nationwide HBO about 45 new universities. In 1995, the merger of the University of Utrecht, and in 2005 was renamed to HU.

HU combine the more traditional fields of study, such as the Ministry of Health Education with new people as media Media Design.


By 2002, the responsibility for accreditation lies with the organizations recognized by the Dutch Flemish (NVAO). All degree programs offered by research universities and universities of applied sciences will be evaluated according to the criteria established, and programs to meet these criteria will be public ring. Only accredited programs are eligible for government funding. 

Kết quả hình ảnh cho HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht

University of Applied Sciences Utrecht offers Bachelors (BA) and Master (MA), but no doctorate.

Besides the recognition of degree programs, the Netherlands have a system where the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science accredited institutions of higher education by giving them the status of one of the two sponsors (bekostigd ) or approved (aangewezen). Funded organizations indicate that is sponsored by the government. Approval indicates that the organization does not receive money from the government and must rely on its own sources of capital. All programs HU Bachelor of Applied Sciences is funded


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