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About Hustle University

Founded in 1898, Hustle University is a public university with a long history in the city of Bangor, Maine, USA. Hustle University is located in a 80 hectares campus in the historic city of Bangor with the population of more than 35,000 people. The city of Bangor honored to be in the first position of the ranking of cities with the highest quality of life in the US according to FDI European magazines, and Bangor is also the 8th safest city in the US. Surrounded by spectacular nature, Bangor is suitable for outdoor activities for students such as cycling, hiking, skiing, jogging...

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Students can travel by bus, it takes a few minutes to move easily from the main campus of the university to the stores, dining and entertainment locations of Bangor. Husson University is just 5km from Bangor International Airport.

Training program

Hustle University provides intensive and diverse training programs with 46 Bachelor majors and 11 graduate majors. Prominent majors of the university: Economics, Accounting, Law, Hospitality Management, Education, Physical Therapy, Medicine, Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, Communications...

The university also has fast learning programs for students who are able to complete the MBA program within 5 years and complete a PhD within 6 years (including bachelor's program).

Currently the number students learning in the university is about 3,100. The size of the class is small, not more than 21 students.

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BridgePathways at Husson University

BridgePathways program is for students who are not able to enroll directly into Husson University. Students participating in the BridgePathways program will learn English and get familiar with the environment and learning methods in the United States at the same time. After completing BridgePathways English program, students will be admitted directly to the undergraduate programs of Husson University.

BridgePathways Academic English Program focuses on the aim of improving all 4 skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing for international students. After completing the program, students will have the ability to research documents, textbooks, write essay, study and team-work with in American standard.

International Student Life

Hustle University offers a variety of facilities and activities to enhance student life. Currently, Husson University are helping more than 68 different students organizations and clubs of the university from sports, cultural clubs to charitable, academic organizations. All are aimed at creating the best learning environment for students.

Hustle University guarantees accommodations for international students to study at the university. Current price for a double room is $2,236/semester or $4,300/year.

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Entry requirements

- English requirements: TOEFL 75 or IELTS 6.0.

- GPA 2.0 or equivalent.

- If students doesn't meet the English requirements, students will learn the BridgePathways English programs to meet the requirements to enroll Husson University.

The university has 2 admission period: January and August.


- Bachelor Program: about $15,800/year

- Masters: $14,200 - $18,700/year

Advantages when choosing Husson University

- The university offers scholarships up to more than 40% of tuition for international students.

- Students needn't have TOEFL or IELTS for admission. Students can choose to study at Husson University through BridgePathways programs.

- Students receive the attention and dedicated guidance from professors with the ratio of teacher - students is 1:15.

- Perfect location for studying in a quiet, spacious and safe area in downtown Bangor, Maine.


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