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What We Should Do when Studying Abroad in France

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Montpellier College is one of the largest universities in Montpellier city. To become a student of the Montpellier University, firs you should follow French language courses at IEFE , which help you improve your French the fastest.

Located in south of France, capital of the Languedoc-Roussillon region is close to the Mediterranean Sea with nearly 450 000 population. The climate is temperate year-around combining with friendly people and great scenic beauty, besides it is also one of the largest cities in France. Montpellier is a city with many advantages for learning and living and with many major universities and numerous specialized training, it is called as University city of the French.

Montpellier 3 University is one of the largest universities in the city of Montpellier. To become a student the University of Montpellier, first you should follow French courses at IEFE which will help you improve French the fastest.

+IEFE - Specialized in teaching French to foreigners

While studying in IEFE you have many opportunities to join the students 's life at the  Montpellier University, exchanges with French students and students from many countries around the world. This is an excellent French school, prestigious courses which are suitable for many different audiences:

-Summer courses:

+Pedagogical practice for teaching French teacher.

+Courses with different levels of 1 to 5 from the students who begin learning French to students who want to major in French.

+The language courses as requirement.

+These degrees are granted in IEFE:

-French practice certificate (CPLF).

-French School Certificate (DEF).

-Certifications intensive French lessons (DSEF).

-This is the certificate valid throughout France

Also IEFE is also a center which organizing DeLF , DALF certification exams in May and November.

The best learning conditions

Since 2004, students come to study in IEFE will enjoy the best learning conditions:

-Modern infrastructure is newly built with the comfort and full equippment

_Living environment with a very low cost price by Montpellier is a city of the average cost. You will enjoy preferential price for participating in cultural activities and sports organized in the city.

+Documentation Centre has 6.000 books, the CD Roms to learn English, and learn -+French culture, you can learn in the library from 8:30 am to 6 pm.

+Hall - venue of the conference and exhibition with a capacity of 350 seats.

The quality of teaching and learning best

-All equipment is equipped to serve the student's learning. Language labs, electronic equipment: vidéo, cassettes, projectors, tape ... allows students to practice the writing and speaking skill. With the purpose of helping students

+Understand and use French fluently.

+Identify and write different types of text.

+Identify and respect the rules when creating a text

+The way of knowledge test

+The periodic tests require attendance of students in class.

+Check depending on the mid-term credits

+Check final exam

Estimated cost of learning at IEFE

+ Fee for each language under: 900 € / period the year: 1800 € / year

+Enrollment fee: € 150 / each, registered 2 periods ,must deposit € 300 (included in tuition).Rent: 1500 € / year.

+Go back 300 € / year.

+The other procurement costs: 500 € / year.


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