More than 50% of engineers and doctors in England are different countries

By far, the UK is seen as a nation of inventors. Along with this intellectual heritage, the fellows in the United Kingdom will be learning a lot from their predecessors. Not to mention, it is also a country with a serious investment with scientific issues.

The science in the UK

The dissertation of the UK accounted for 20% of the global study, with over 1000 citations.
This is the country that every scientific articles cited and used most anywhere in the world
The amount spent on research and development in the field of higher education rose to 86% in 20 years
UK is ranked second worldwide (behind Switzerland) on priority link between the University and industry, giving students many opportunities to practice and learn from the experts.
Universities and Research Institute of Britain has won 88 Nobel Prizes from 1903 onwards, as Mr Alexander Fleming typical with finding penicillin and Francis Crick to explore strings of DNA double helix structure.

Huge investment in research scholarships
The UK government spends a lot of research scholarship program, spanning the fields of Science, Engineering and Technology, for all students in the country and internationally. Each year, the Council of Scientific Research and Technology Investment Physics 850 million pounds for many different projects. Arts Council also has ambitions to invest 2.4 billion pounds in the arts and culture in the period from 2011 to 2015.
Indeed, the UK is "hard" investment in international cooperation, in particular the country has about 10-20% of the cost of training of scientific research is for collaborative research programs with foreign. Perhaps for this reason that more than 50% of PhD students in the UK PhD students are international.