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  Studying Sciences Po in France Paris Institute of Political Studies, known simply as Sciences Po, is a research and university in Paris, France, specializing in the social sciences. The Institute has great reputation, high selective....

As University of La Rochelle, Poly University is 1 of 2 universities of Poitou-Charentes region. Poitiers School have a long historic since XV century, which is one of the oldest universities of France. Currently the school has about 24000 students with more than 800 faculty-researchers.

The system consists of the Science School, affiliated institutions & schools. University of Poitiers consists of seven faculties:

- Faculty of Law & Social Sciences

- Faculty of Economics

- Basic Sciences & Applications

- Literature & Language

- Faculty of Humanities & Arts

- Medical - Pharmaceutical

- Faculty of Sports Science

Institutes, schools under the University of Poitiers:

- National School of Engineers senior Poitiers (ENSIP)

- University Institute of Technology (IUT) Poitiers

- University Institute of Technology (IUT) Angoulême

- Corporate Governance Institute (IAE)

- Preparatory Institute for Public Administration (IPAG)

- Institute for industrial risks, insurance & finance (IRIAF)

- Senior School Teachers & Education (ESPE)

Along with the 8 schools PhD:

- School Dr Scientific & Technical Materials, Mechanical, Energy & Space (collaboration with the University of La Rochelle)

- School Dr Scientific & Technical Information (in cooperation with the University of La Rochelle)

- School Dr Environmental Science "Gay Lussac" (collaboration with the University of La Rochelle)

- School Dr Bio-Health

- School Dr Law & Political Sciences "Pierre Couvrat" (collaboration with the University of La Rochelle)

- School Dr Awareness, Behavior, Languages

- School Dr Literature, Ideology, Art & History

University of Poitiers trains common European standard LMD (Licence-Master-Doctorat), in addition to the training systems DUT, paces, and by engineer, DU, preparation classes for the teaching profession, ...


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