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Queensland College located in Brisbane, a beautiful riverside capital. As a student who lives in Brisbane, you will soon discover that interesting challenges will not only  in your learning. Walking in the forest recreation in the national park ancient, surfing at majestic beaches, exploring remote areas ... could also be part of your experience.

Queensland College links and is located on the campus of Griffith University. So students would enjoy the advantages of a university: used equipment and taught by teachers of the school.

Especially finishing Diploma of Queensland College , students will be admitted to second-year transfer students at Griffith University with majors in Economics, Information Technology, Hospitality Management and Design.

Located in Brisbane, capital of Queensland, Griffith University is a modern, dynamic and prestigious in Asia Pacific. Queensland government school was recognized as the ideal university for foreign students with 7,000 international students from 117 countries around the world attended. The famous  training major of school includes of Environmental Science, International Business, Marketing ... Our students are given priority in recruitment after graduation by many companies due to extensive knowledge and ability to apply knowledge to solve problems.

The training majors:


- Accounting

- Finance

- Management

- Human Resource Management

- Hotel Management

- International Tourism & Hotel Management

 College level:

- Diploma of Biosciences

- Diploma of Commerce

- Diploma of Criminology and Criminal Justice

- Diploma of Engineering (Engineering) - Diploma of Graphic Design

- Diploma of Hotel Management

- Diploma of Information Technology

- Associate Degree of Commerce and Business print

Costs and entry requirements

English Courses: A $ 3,270 / 10 weeks

Preparatory courses (Certificate IV): 2-3 period (8-12 months)

+ Entry requirements: School grade 11, IELTS 5.0 - 5.5, 6.0 GPA

+ Fees: A $ 14,900 / 1 year

+ Opening February, 6, 10

College course (equivalent to year 1 University): 2-3 period

+ Requirements: Graduation from high school; IELTS 5.0 - 5.5, 6.0 GPA

+ Opening: February, July

+ Fee

          Commercial: A $ 15,700 / 1yr

          Graphic design: A $ 19,095 / 1yr

          Sector Hospitality Management: A $ 15,700 / 1yr

          Information Technology: A $ 16,295 / 1yr

          Engineering: A $ 20,240 / 1yr

          Biology: A $ 20,240 / 1yr

          Criminology and Trial: A $ 16,960 / 1yr

+ At the end of the course, students are eligible for admission to second Year, and select many major in Griffith University.

Postgraduate Qualifying Program (PQP): For international students in bachelor's case they have not qualified or English skill hasn't sactified the admission requirements of Master's degree program at Griffith University in majors: Information Technology, Economics and Criminology.

+ Requirements: Bachelor Degree, IELTS 6.0

+ Fees: A $ 7,500 / semester

+ Time: 4 months


Students can choose the type of accommodation that suits you: Dormitories, rent private houses, with family in Australia...

Housing organizing fee: A $ 200

Homestay: A $ 235 / week

Airport Fee: A $ 95

Health Insurance Fee: A $ 390 / year



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