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PARIS - The Best City to Study Abroad in France

PARIS - THE BEST CITY TO STUDY ABROAD IN FRANCE If you’re hesitant unable to choose to study in the city of France, let’s come to Paris – the beautiful city of France. Study abroad in Paris is an excellent choice for....

This is the ideal destination for you to want to improve your French ability.

Nowhere is better thanRaphael College, from here you can easily go to other places like St. Tropez, Nice, Cannes and Monaco.Raphael College is one of the major centers of the Cote d'Azur enjoys with sunshine year-around. Before this place was the romantic village and today it is known for many exciting activities. Therefore, Let's study and explore this wonderful place.

Explore Europe

Also you can participate in the journey of discovering European cities like Paris in France, historical capital of Belgium Brussels and ending your trip in Amsterdam, the Netherlands capital.

The first place in this exciting journey is Paris, the city of light. You will be surprised by the huge and bulky of Louvre library or simply enjoy the atmosphere of life in very French cafe along the street. What welcomes you to the beautiful country is Belgium's capital Brussels. This is the city has gone through more than 1000 years of history. People here can speak in Dutch and French. Visit Bressels ,you will see  the unique architectures around Port Royal School, City Hall or the thomang Gothic architecture. Move to Amsterdam, the exciting capital of Netherlands, you cannot skip the fresh and colorful flower markets ,whose culture has created the Dutch style in the eyes of International Friends.

Program fee includes:

French language course

-Tuition of 20 lessons per week (Due native teachers teaching).

-Textbooks and learning documents of EF and completion certificates

-Living conditions:

-Homestay (Room for 2 or 4 people).

-Outside activities

+Visiting Paris.

+Visiting the historical Freijus go.

+Visiting the city of Monaco, Monte Carlo.

+Traveling by train to Nice.


+Welcome party and farewell party.

+Transportation costs:

-Roundtrip airplane ticket and transportation costs under the program.

-Vietnam airport fees and abroad.

-Airport Transfer Fee.

-Visit cost

-Tickets to the amusement parks, tourist attractions and outdoor activities according to each country's program.

Other costs:

Backpacks and T-shirt of program.

24/24 hotline support students during the trip...


Why need to study in France?

Study in France free of charge 90% of the course fee, 50% reduction in housing costs. Here are 10 reasons why you always liked to study in France. 1. A high-quality education Many of the charts by the foreign press announced the....