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Royal Business College - one of the schools with highest rate of graduates get employed in New Zealand. This is the ideal destination for international students studying business in New Zealand and also the hotbed for international recruiters.

About the Royal Business College:

The school was founded in 1996 in Christchurch, New Zealand. At first, Royal Business College is known as a school majors in teaching English to international students studying in New Zealand.

The curricula are always updated, developed to serve the best for teaching. Royal Business College lies on the top of best schools in teaching English and IELTS in New Zealand.

And no stoppage there, the school also has taken steps for future development to become one of the largest universities with top training quality in New Zealand, beside its headquarters in Christchurch, the school has also launched 3 more agents including: Auckland, Te Puke and Hastings.

The curriculum of Royal Business College:

-  English

-  Information technology

-  Business

-  Agriculture

Type of education:

-  English

-  Pre-university

Royal Business College is renowned for being a school with best English and Pre-university program of New Zealand which are chosen by many international students, IELTS preparation courses from basic to advance and grammar for working and studying major. The college courses last from 42 weeks to 2 years. Graduating the pre-university courses, you can transfer directly to New Zealand universities.

Conditions for admission:

-  Having graduated high school


-  Information Technology: 16 000 NZD/year

-  Business: 16,000 NZD/year

-  Agriculture: 16,000 NZD/year

-  Full time English course: 330 NZD/course

-  Part time English course: 220 NZD/course


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