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Sorbonne Nouvelle College, EPHE stands, is a ETABLISSEMENT Grand in Paris, France. It is included in most of the research organizations and educational prestigious French university. It is highly selective and is a member of the elite Paris Lettres et Sciences (ENS Ulm with, Ecole des Mines EHESS or ...). Its degree in religious studies and history counted among the best in the world. closely associated with ancient Far East Institute and the Institute français du Proche-Orient, EPHE has continuously forming a world-class expert in Asian studies and Islam and among them investment banks, exchange houses military Affairs and officials specialized in the field. Especially, the leading researcher in military strategy in the EPHE has taught for more than a century (eg the famous Hervé Coutau-Begarie). Furthermore renowned researchers in the natural sciences (especially neurology and chemistry) teaching and training in the EPHE (Jean Baptiste Charcot including Marcellin Berthelot and). Appreciated for its top level in both natural sciences and human, EPHE has relationships and exchange programs with organizations such as the world famous Cambridge, Princeton, and Al-Azhar.

Courses at the Sorbonne Nouvelle College are taught in accordance with the institution’s founding educational principle: to train in research by means of adapted practice in lectures, seminars or lab sessions, in the following areas: Earth and Life Sciences; Historical and Philological Sciences; Religious Sciences.

This tradition, which has endured since the founding of the EPHE, is at the root of the EPHE’s main vocation in preparing for research degrees today.

-Studies programs:
+Two institution-specific postgraduate degrees (in each of the three Sections): “Diplôme de l’EPHE”, “Diplôme post-doctoral de l’EPHE”;
+Two Master degrees: The Master in Biology, Health, Environment (research degree, 3 specialties), The Master in Historical, Philological and Religious Sciences (Religious Sciences and Society, European, Mediterranean et Asian Sciences);
+The Doctorate, in three subjects areas prepared at the same Doctoral School: Integrated Systems, Biodiversity and Environment (“SIEB”), History, Documents and Texts (“HTD”), Religions and Thought Systems (“RSP”).
-The EPHE also confers the Habilitation à diriger des recherches (HDR) and offers joint university degrees (“DIU”) in collaboration with other institutions.


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