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Collège de France  is the educational and research institutions (Grand établissement) higher at a famous French. It is located in Paris, in District 5, or the Latin Quarter, across the street from the history of La Sorbonne at the intersection of Rue Saint-Jacques and Rue des Ecoles.

It was founded in 1530 by King Francis I of France, in the model of Collegium Trilingue in Louvain, at the urging of Guillaume Bude. Inspiration humanities, the school was founded as an alternative to the Sorbonne to boost sectors such as Hebrew and ancient Greek (the first teacher is renowned scholar Janus lascaris) and Mathematics.  Originally known as the Collège Royal, and then the Collège des Trois langues , Collège International, and Collège Impérial, it was named the Collège de France in 1870.

Unusual for an institution of higher education in France, each professor is required to give the same lecture is free to attend and open to anyone. Our goal is to "teach science in the making". Professors are selected from a variety of industries, in both the sciences and humanities. The motto of the Collège is Docet Omnia, Latin for "It teaches everything", and its objectives can be best summarized by the phrase Maurice Merleau up-Ponty's "no truth, but the idea of free research " which was written in golden letters in the political arena.

Collège level but do not have the research laboratory and one of the best research libraries of Europe, with parts focusing on history with rare books, humanities, social sciences and chemistry learning or physical.

As of June 2009, more than 650 audio podcast of the Collège de France lectures available on iTunes. Some are also available in English and Chinese. Similarly, the site of the Collège de France held a number of classroom video. The classes are followed by students ranging from the senior researchers or master's doctoral students, and even college students. Moreover, "Leçons inaugurales" (first post) is an important event in the life of social and intellectual Paris and attracted huge public curious Parisians.
The Collège de France faculty is composed of fifty-two professors, by the self-elected Professor of French scholars in subjects including mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, history, archeology, linguistics, oriental studies, philosophy, social sciences and other fields. Two seats are reserved for foreign scholars were invited to teach.

Renowned faculty composed of Serge Haroche, awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2012.

Past faculty include:

+Raymond Aron
+Jean François Boissonade de Fontarabie
Etienne Baluze
+Roland Barthes
+Émile Benveniste
+Henri Bergson
+Claude Bernard
+Marcelin Berthelot
+Yves Bonnefoy
+Pierre Boulez
+Pierre Bourdieu
+Jean-François Champollion
+Jean-Pierre Changeux


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