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Swarthmore College  is a liberal arts private college located in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, 11 miles (17 , 7 km) southwest of Philadelphia.
Founded in 1864, Swarthmore is one of the co-educational college in the US early [citation needed] The school was organized by a committee of Quakers from three "Hicksite" the annual meeting: . Baltimore, New York and Philadelphia. Many of the founders were prominent in slavery and women's rights movements and other social issues, and including Edward Parrish, (1822-1872), Deborah and Joseph Wharton, Benjamin Hallowell, and Lucretia Mott and James, (1793-1880). Established Swarthmore is a university, "... under the care of a friend, where an education that can be obtained is equivalent to the best schools of education in our country. "  Until 1906, Swarthmore abandon his religious association, became officially nonpartisan.

Swarthmore is a member of the "Tri-College Consortium", a cooperation agreement between Swarthmore, Bryn Mawr, and Haverford College

Research institutes
Oxbridge tutorial inspired Swarthmore Honors Program allows students to take the workshop two credits from the third year and honors usually write a comment. Workshops are usually 4-8 students. Students in the workshop will usually at least three papers to write ten pages each seminar, and usually one of the papers was expanded into a 20-30 page paper by the end of the workshop. At the end of the school year, students honor given oral and written exam to be conducted by external experts in their field. Typically, a student in each subject is awarded "the highest honor"; others are either awarded "High Honors" or "honor"; rarely, a student is denied any Honors entirely by external examiners. Each department is usually the threshold for admission to class Honors Program
Popular for a college of liberal arts, Swarthmore has a technical program including the completion of the four years, students of Engineering Technology degree. the other notable programs include adolescents in the study of peace and conflict, cognitive science, and theoretical explanation. 

Swarthmore total university enrollment of students in 1534 (for the 2013-2014 year) and 178 teachers (98% of qualified terminal), for a student-faculty ratio of 8: 1 small colleges provide a year more than 600 courses in more than 40 courses. Swarthmore has a reputation as a very academic college-oriented, with 90% of graduates attend college final or professional school.
While many people in higher education acknowledged the relative lack of university grade inflation, there is some controversy about the accuracy of such perceptions. A study by a professor at Swarthmore in 1993 found "critical inflation". However, the professor and other students disputed the results based on their own experience . Some have pointed out .That the statistics show that inflation in the past decade point can be exaggerated by reporting practice, and the fact that the class is not given in the honors program for to 1996. Finally, many still credit with grade inflation Swarthmore objected, countering the trend awareness among peer organizations.


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