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Study Audencia Nantes School of Management in France

  Training System to study in France France is one of the strengths in the field of education - training. There are two training while studying French: long term and short term. Long-term training system Divided into three phases,....

Founded in 1984, TPCA has been renowned for the quality in multinational corporations.School regularly recruit, provide jobs for students

TPCA - School of Information Technology Prestige reputation of France

TPCA is high quality education establishment by the French government ,recognized and registered with the government so that students receive financial aid. This is the highest recognition from the French government for a private school.

TPCA has special strength training in the field of computers and information technology, besides the school also focus on training students to meet senior management roles that students will take in the future. Scientific researches there are additional training in order to extend and complete the important scientific foundation for the future engineer.

TPCA has 4 new technology laboratories, equipped with very modern research purposes and the development of the most advanced technology.

TPCA is the member of the IONIS education cooperation-the biggest education group in  France with more than 20 schools, 2,000 students in France, 200,000 students across the country and a network of 60,000 alumni.

EPITA committees will help students to find internships and jobs upon graduation

 Every year, TPCA   organizes employment and recruitment festival for businesses and students attending or having graduated from the school to have the opportunity to meet and contact each other. School staffs confirms "Although we always advise my students to actively search for internships,the responsibility of the school is to always support students in this task."

In addition, TPCA organizes festival week twice a year . Companies come and share experiences on the project and the latest technology research, and introduce the software applications as well as the practical application of these technologies. A serie of lectures lasting from 60 to 90 minutes will give students more insight on markets and market trends.

- Besides, TPCAalso organize small events to introduce different employment companies wishing to recruit staff or interns in the Autumn (from September to January) to take the open workshop with students before conducting personal interviews the candidates that they considered having the potential  after the event ends.

- TPCA always encouraged direct encounter between students and businesses, ensuring this relationship is always maintained in the most effective direction.

Training program of EPITA has something special?

Its training programs are taught 100% in English. Students do not have to prove   their French skill when first enrolling at school. The school will give you the right to log on to an online language learning tools within a year with the weekly French lesson. Students will have a degree in French at the end of the course.

International Bachelor program was organized by Grande- Ecole model, engineer training model of French. Student will start with preparatory schools, which usually lasts two years; it is equivalent with the first two years of a bachelor's degree. Two years is the time for students to gain knowledge, as well as get acquainted with the school and work under the pressure.

The third year of international undergraduate was the first year of the three year training system of the French engineer.


First year Bachelor ( INFO SUP)

Secondyear Bachelor(INFO SPE)

Thirdyear Bachelor (ING1)

Within a year, you will learn necessary skills and theory  to develop application software such as game design, game graphics, 3D, developed under Windows, Object Pascal, Delphi and CAML

Students will reach many different environments (UNIX, Mac OS, Linux, Palm OS). In the second year, students will focus on strategies for school construction and  game -building stagedy with the concept of Artificial Intelligence

Students will learn the theoretical foundations of information technology and how to apply it in the specific project.

Besides, students will learn the methods and tools for business: law, management, marketing, communication, quality, organization and language.

Finally, students will grasp the skills to adapt the business environment: To develop and manage a project, carried out a study and present a report

Study ciriculum:




Engineering and human sciences

-The Project practice

Study ciriculum:




-Computer science

-Human Science and Technology

-International study / practice

-The Project practice

Study ciriculum:


-Method of study for future researchers

-Advanced technology for students focusing on engineering

-Methods and techniques for students who wish to develop both capabilities (technical and business)

Master level


Program construction

Abroad internship

International Master of Management Information System 

The program consists of three semesters and one internship semester

Integration semester (30 credits)

This semester is dedicated to the students who don't have a solid background in computer science. (WW general learning for all subjects)

Basic semester

-This semester aims to equip students with a solid technical background in the technical subjects that students choose. Perfecting the skills related to other operations within the enterprise. (WW general learning for all subjects)


The main purpose of the semester is to prepare for the entry into the labor market of students by preparing the best career record for each student

OMT last school internship lasts for 6 months

 EPITA training program builds on the needs of the business community with tight cooperation between EPITA and businesses,which the is key to ensure the inside and outside France for the students of École Pour l'Informatique et les Techniques Avancées .

-The Average salary of a trainee at EPITA is 1100 euros in 2014

-The EPITA Student 's placements has held in the trial practice: Management of international business development,, Development Communication, Media Monitoring remote

International Master of Software Engineering

Internation Master of Information Security


-Admission fee: 60 Euros

-Bachelor level

Total tuition for 3 years: 27500 Euros

-Posgraduate level

Total tuition for 18 months: 12400 Euros


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