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TIA schools and social enterprise is a business school affiliated with the University of Tilburg and Eindhoven University of Technology. TIA focuses on management education after experience. The business school has many establishments, most importantly, Tilburg and Utrecht.

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TIA's history goes back to 1982 and includes more than three decades 

+1982 - Professor Harry Peeters founder of the "Instituut voor Academische Tilburgs research".
+1986 - Tias changed its acronym to denote the Tilburg Institute for Advanced Study and make business management education at its core.
+1986 - The first master's program was created: "Banking and Finance" and "Management Information Sciences' (which still exists today as the" Master of Finance 'and' Master of Management information "respectively).
+1986 - 1995 - Average a new Master's program are given every year.
+1996 - Tias focuses on management education after experience only, and for more research contracts and company specific programs and executive education were added to the list of activities.
+1999 - MBA Tias start a dual degree with Purdue University in the United States, the European Central University in Budapest, Hungary, and GISMA in Hanover, Germany.
+2001 - Tias become a private company, with the University of Tilburg is its sole shareholder.
+2004 - Eindhoven University of Technology acquires 20% stake in Tias.
+2004 - Tias integrated management of educational activities of the Eindhoven University of Technology.
+2006 - Tias merged with Nimbas Universiteit Utrecht acquired its 100% stake and become TiasNimbas.
+2006 - TiasNimbas Scholarship Program expanded to 11 faculty basis.
+2009 - Prof. dr. ir. Ramon O'Callaghan takes over from Philippe Naert as Dean of TiasNimbas Business School.
+2009 - official cooperation between TiasNimbas and the School of Economics and Management of Tilburg University to jointly design a new full-time MBA program and a set of operating.
+2010 - TiasNimbas stand in all categories of the Financial Times ranking for the first time.
+2010 - Launch new full-time MBA
+2012 - Assoc Kees Koedijk from Ramon O'Callaghan takes over as Dean of TiasNimbas Business School.
+2014 - School of TIA for business and society is the new name of TiasNimbas Business School
TIA Organization 

The program 

The business school offers MBA, PhD Executive Masters (MSc), Executive Masters and shorter executive programs, in some locations and in different formats. In addition, TIA design and provide company-specific programs appropriate for national institutions and international.

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Executive Education: TIA is the only Dutch business schools in the Financial Times Top 50 Executive Education. Worldwide TiasNimbas is ranked # 46 

Company Specific Programs: # 1 in the Netherlands, # 21 in Europe and # 47 worldwide 

program open: # 2 in the Netherlands, # 25 in Europe and # 57worldwide 

Full Time MBA: Financial Times ranked TIA # 64 worldwide, # 18 in Europe and # 2 in the Benelux. MBA particular points on the criteria value for money (# 10) and international mobility 


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