Tips to Be Successful in Studying at New Zealand


The Best Universities in New Zealand

These five following universities in New Zealand have not only good quality education but also extremely beautiful architecture. 1. University of Otago With a knack for intensive training of medicine students, the University of Otago was....

Study abroad is not easy when you have access to a new education, new ways of teaching and new language. Maybe your foreign language are good, but being familiar with new learning methods are the new obstacles.

High Ability in Self-awareness and Self-learning

Studying abroad is totally different than Vietnam, so students often take some time to become familiar. Class time is not much, so the self-study is very important. Education in the UK, Australia and America ... is no concept of memorizing. When presenting the definition of marketing exactly just like the lesson record will not get a higher point than presenting in your opinion and understanding. Therefore, if you have no self-study to deepen knowledge, it is difficult to meet the requirements.

As for tests, the more creative assignments are, the higher point you get. Therefore, in the first time, international students are often quite hard to get used to learn with this new methods.

Despite many difficulties, but according to the students, learning in schools is often more support as the library, the equipment ... International students should take advantage of the utility to service learning themselves. Also, if you need further assistance, you can still go to meet your teachers, professors to present your ideas.

Willing to change

The geology school with vast amphitheater has no opportunity to familiarize their classmates. People will become more and more seperated as if you do not take the initiative to talk. Be friendly with your surroundings, you will communicate much more confident. It not only helps you to get along with many friends, but it also helps a lot in your ability to exchange knowledge.

Joining the school club, participating in extracurricular sessions; living in a dorm or environment with foreigners, all of that will make you sucessful while studying abroad.


Buying House to Study Abroad in New Zealand - Another Saving Way

  Study in New Zealand, not only you can enjoy Western education, but you also can buy a house here with low value to minimize the cost of living. Invercargill is the largest city of Southland, New Zealand, where located the main campus....