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Catholic University of the Sacred Heart (English: Catholic University of the Sacred Heart or Milan's Catholic University), known as UCSC or UNICATT or simply Cattolica, is a research university established private Italian in 1921. Cattolica private university is the largest in Europe and the largest Catholic University in the world. Its main base is located in Milan, Italy, with satellite facilities in Brescia, Piacenza, Cremona, Rome and Campobasso.

The University is organized into 12 departments and 7 universities. Cattolica offers undergraduate courses (Bachelor, Laurea Triennale corresponding Italian), postgraduate courses (MBA, corresponding to Laurea Magistrale, and specializing master) and doctoral programs (di Ricerca Dottorati) . Besides this, the university runs a dual degree program with other organizations around the world. Degrees are offered both in Italian and English.

UCSC has been granted five stars of QS Stars rating system of global universities, in the fields of employment, teaching, facilities and participate.

Agostino Gemelli Polyclinic University serves as the teaching hospital for the medical school of the University Catholic University of the Sacred Heart and the name of the founder debt universities, the Franciscans, doctor and psychiatrist Agostino Gemelli justice.

The embryonic project of a Catholic University was founded towards 1870, supported by the representatives of all the current cultural teacher acts as a guide. In September 1918, when World War I ended, Giuseppe Toniolo, before his death, Father Agostino Gemelli and so its employees to provide universities with the following words: "I do not see the war ended, but you, when it is finished, do it, do Università Cattolica ".

Father Agostino Gemelli in 1919, Ludovico NECCHI, Francesco Olgiati, Armida Barelli, and Ernesto di Istituto Lombardo founded the Giuseppe Toniolo SUPERIORI Studi. June 24, 1920 the Institute has been legally recognized with a decree signed by the Minister of Education, Benedetto Croce; at the same time, Pope Benedict XV officially recognized status of the church.

On December 7, 1921, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart was officially inaugurated with a special mass was celebrated by Father Gemelli, in the presence of Achille Ratti, Cardinal and Archbishop of Milan who three months later was elected Pope Pius XI. The first campus is located at the Palazzo del Canonica, in via Sant'Agnese 2. In October 1930 it was moved to the monastery of St. Ancient Ambrose, where the primary school is today. 68 students two programs available, philosophy and social sciences of the university, in 1921. As of 2011, 14 programs were provided to more than 40,000 students distributed on the basis of Milan, Rome, Brescia, Piacenza and Campobasso.

In 1924, after the legal recognition from the Italian government to allow the exchange of legally recognized (the charter was approved Università Cattolica Royal Decree on October 2, 1924, and is the announced on October 31 on the Gazzetta Ufficiale), Humanities and law Program was inaugurated. Istituto Superiore di Magistero 1923 was opened, and in 1936 became an independent program, then evolved to become, in 1996, School of Education Sciences.


The UCSC offers a wide range of degrees in 12 schools :

+School of Agriculture, Piacenza-Cremona (founded 1951)
+School of Literature and Philosophy (1923)
+School of Banking, Finance and Insurance Sciences (1990)
+School of Economics (1947)
+School of Economics and Law, Piacenza-Cremona (1990)
+School of Education (1936)
+School of Law (1923)
+School of Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences, Brescia (1968)
+School of Medicine, Rome (1958)
+School of Language Sciences and Foreign Literature (1968)
+School of Political and Social Sciences (1926)
+School of Psychology (1999)


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