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University of Amsterdam (UvA abbreviated, Netherlands: Universiteit van Amsterdam) is a public university in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Founded in 1632 by the city government and then rename the city of Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam is the third oldest university in the Netherlands. It is one of the largest research universities in Europe with 31 186 students, 4794 employees, 1,340 doctoral students and an annual budget of 600 million €. This is the largest university in the Netherlands register. The main campus is located in the center of Amsterdam, with a few faculties located in neighboring counties. The university is organized into seven faculties: Humanities, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Economics and Business, Science, Law, Medicine, and Dentistry.

The University of Amsterdam has produced six Nobel laureates and five ministers of the Netherlands. In 2014, it was ranked 50th in the world, 15th in Europe, and one in the Netherlands by the QS World University Rankings. The university is located in the top 50 worldwide in seven areas in the QS World University Rankings 2011 in the field of linguistics, sociology, philosophy, geography, science, economics, and economics, and financial accountant. 

Close relationships are nurtured with other organizations internationally through his membership in the Association of University Research in Europe (LERU), the organization's network from the Capital University of Europe (UNICA) , the Association of European universities (EUA), the program of international student exchange (ISEP), and Universitas 21.


The university is accredited by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, of which certification organizations meet a national system of regulation and control of quality assurance. WO Ministry gave it, or research university status. Dutch students have to complete preparation program for six years to be admitted to the university national research. Only fifteen percent of students pass this preparation program.

Tuition in 2015-2016, full-time students of the EU are € 1951 per year for the Master's program in both undergraduate and part-time students are € 1,696 and non-EU students are between € 9,000- € 25,000 per year for the Bachelor and € 25,000 to € 10,500- Dr. Masters program. The cost for non-EU students vary depending on the faculty of the matriculation. In terms of scholarships, the university offers scholarships excellent UvA Amsterdam (AES), Amsterdam Merit Scholarship, a scholarship through the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the Netherlands funded research rescue, and various scholarships of Europe.

Generally 59 faculties offer Bachelor programs, 133 master's programs and 10 graduate programs. The university awarded 2,565 Reserves, 3204 BA, 3,990 master's, 438 doctoral, post-doctoral degrees 242 in 2009-2010, and a total of 10 438 degrees in 2009-2010. of the school year lasts from early May to mid-July and is divided into two 20-week semesters. The first of the input end of the month and the second began in early February. No mid-term break, only a short holiday at Christmas and New Year as well as the Dutch national holiday.


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