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The University of Florence (Italy: Università degli Studi di Firenze, Unifi) is a research university located in Florence Italian public, Italy. It includes 12 schools and about 60,000 students.


The first university Studium Generale in Florence, which was established by the Florentine Republic in 1321. The Studium was recognized by Pope Clement VI in 1349, and is authorized to formal degree. Pope also established that the first Italian faculty of theology will be in Florence. Studium became an imperial university in 1364, but was moved to Pisa in 1473 when Lorenzo the Magnificent gained control of Florence. Charles VIII moved it back from 1497-1515, but it was moved to Pisa again when the Medici family returned to power.

The modern university dates from 1859, when a team-high over the various organizations grouped together in the Istituto di Studi e di Perfezionamento Pratici, which a year later was recognized as a university the official school of the new government are unified Italy. 1923, Istituto was officially recorded by the National Assembly as the Italian University.


12 schools of the university are: Agriculture; Architecture; Art; Economics; Education; technical; Law; Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences; Medicine and surgery; Torch; Political science; and Psychology.

Faculty is located in the traditional area-based strategies to their topic. Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Law and Political Science Faculty Polo delle Scienze Sociali is in (campus of Social Sciences), in the district of Novoli, near the new courthouse. Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, and a number of science and engineering presence in the Careggi, near the hospital. Faculty of Engineering is located at the Institute of S. Marta, while the Department of Agriculture is in front of the Parco delle Cascine. Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Science is located in Sesto Fiorentino natural. Faculty of Architecture is at the heart of the city, Accademia di Belle Arti like, home of Michelangelo's David. The Faculty of Arts, History, Philosophy, and pedagogy is in the center of Florence.


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