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University of Harderwijk (1648-1811), also named the Guelders Academy (Latin: Academia Gelro-Zutphanica), which is located in the town of Harderwijk, in the Republic of the United Province (now: the Netherlands). It was established by the provincial Guelders (Gelre).

Kết quả hình ảnh cho University of Harderwijk

Harderwijk universities do not have a good reputation, because of low standards. However, it has attracted many students with low cost. Many students have to graduate to Harderwijk. In the life of Herman Boerhaave Samuel Johnson, it says:

"He came Hardewich, to have a doctor's degree in Physick, which he obtained in July, 1693, made a publick controversy," de utilitate explorandorum excrementorum in aegris, ut signorum. "
The title of the debate this Latin in English as "On the usefulness of the checks distributed as a sign of disease."

The foreign universities most popular, Linnaeus, stay only a week, most of the time is spent in his thesis. The saying is rich students can afford the University of Leiden and the poor had to make do with Harderwijk. In many European cities, it is impossible to get a doctor's license, and the Netherlands has a reputation for producing very good doctors. David de Gorter is a great example of one such doctor. He is a professor at the University of Harderwijk and friends with Linnaeus. He was also a royal physician to Queen Elizabeth of Russia

Kết quả hình ảnh cho University of Harderwijk

The university was closed in 1811 during the French occupation. Then, King William I tried to reset the universities, but without success.

One sentence in the Netherlands for a scientific knowledge is the problem is, "he from the University of Harderwijk"

In the 1990s, the University has become increasingly popular with new audiences thanks to the fictional character Fetze Alsvanouds GS ( "Als vanouds" loosely translated as "like good old days"), who was played by Aart Staartjes and frequently appeared in the children's television program Het Klokhuis Netherlands. Alsvanouds is a professor at the University of Harderwijk.


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